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An Articulated Forklift That Is Changing Ontario Warehouses

Even the tightest spaces in warehouses are no problem for the Aisle Master articulated forklift. It can maneuver in aisles as narrow as 1.6 meters, almost half the area many traditional forklifts require. This maneuverability allows warehouses to restructure completely, adding up to 50% to their original storage capacity. Our forklifts are as tough and durable as any traditional alternative, and they move as quickly and safely as well. While we offer various types and styles of forklifts, all come with the same high-grade steel and factory warranty.


Discover What an Aisle Master Forklift Can Do for You

An Aisle Master blows the competition out of the water. There is no comparison between traditional forklifts and our advanced machines. Most normal forklifts are bulky and sensitive. Some can only be used inside the warehouse, requiring specialized vehicles to load from dock to truck. Our devices are more agile than traditional forklifts, but they can also operate on any surface, indoors or outdoors. All our products run smooth and operate, allowing for quicker and more efficient material handling. Training a new worker to use our product is easy and intuitive too. From start to finish, our forklifts add more value to a warehouse than any other option on the market.

A Forklift That Gives You the Freedom to Redesign

Many warehouses feel tied to their current floor plan even though they know that their facility has the potential to be more efficient. Once a warehouse decides to purchase one of our vehicles, that is the first step in the journey to completely revitalizing that warehouse’s layout. With our increased maneuverability, the options for new configurations are endless. It takes an expert to find the optimal new design, though. Our team offers complimentary designs and warehouse plans to help every new customer take full advantage of having an Aisle Master.

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