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The Foremost Narrow-Aisle Forklift Distributor in Ontario

Boost Storage Capacity by up to 50% With an Aisle Master

Aisle Master is the foremost forklift distributor in Ontario. We help warehouses increase their capacity, productivity, and safety. Our narrow-aisle forklifts operate within tighter aisles than traditional forklifts, allowing warehouses to use their space much more efficiently. The ergonomically designed cabs afford operators the luxury of working comfortably and safely for long periods. A warehouse can significantly increase its storage capacity by converting to just one narrow-aisle forklift. Additionally, the precision movement improves overall warehouse productivity by allowed for a quicker rack-to-truck timeline.

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The Benefits of Narrow-Aisle Forklifts

As a forklift distributor, we know how much an Aisle Master can change an entire warehouse. The vehicles that handle the freight in a warehouse dictate the width of its aisles. The width of its aisles determines the warehouse’s overall storage capacity. Traditional forklifts need roughly four meters of aisle space to maneuver. In comparison, our narrow-aisle vehicles can operate at full efficiency in aisles as small as 1.6 meters. The increased storage capacity seems to be the most valuable advantage, but there are several benefits to consider.

Electric & LPG Powered Options
Lifting Capacity of up to 4,400 LB.
Lift Height of up to 386 Feet
5-Year Warranty
Functions Indoors & Outdoors
Ergonomically Designed
Operates in Aisles 1.6 Meters Wide
Increases Warehouse Capacity by up to 50%

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Complimentary Warehouse Planning & Design

Aisle Master is a forklift distributor committed to increasing warehouse capacity and productivity. We offer free warehouse planning for clients. Warehouse management experts redesign the rack layout to optimize storage capacity. Then, clients receive a density calculation and mockup of the design. Warehouses that rearrange their layouts maximize the benefits of our particular forklifts. Additionally, our team can assess a crew’s workflow to ensure they fully utilize a narrow-aisle forklift’s unique features.

A Forklift Distributor With First Class Service

We are a forklift distributor with a reliable process for providing warehouses Aisle Master forklifts and servicing them over time. We start with a free site survey to discuss the extent to which our product will improve the warehouse. This often includes warehouse planning services to help show how we can enhance the layout. Then, we deliver the vehicles directly to the factory and even help provide resources for training. After delivery, clients can always use our after-sales support team.

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